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Sunshine Building Maintenance: Building a Legacy

Now in operation for more than six decades, Sunshine Building Maintenance Inc. is one of the largest privately owned cleaning companies in Ontario.
trades training

The importance of gender specific PPE in the construction industry

The traditionally male dominated construction industry has begun to see an upturn in the amount of women working on sites. Around 170,000 females, 25 per cent of those in the industry, are employed in hands-on roles.

Why a floor destroyed by winter weather may not need replacing

A floor that's been badly damaged by winter weather in Canada doesn't necessarily need to be replaced, here's how you can clean it.

Data-driven tech to upend restroom maintenance

As facilities evolve and become more high tech, new systems have developed to help improve efficiency - especially when it comes to cleaning schedules.

Canadian Cleaning Conference


Four priorities for JanSan distributors in 2018

As large retailers elevate customer demands for online, self-service experiences, JanSan distributors can no longer rest on their laurels.
cleaning windows

Spring cleaning to-do list for windows

Here are some critical elements that facility maintenance crews can address this spring in order to achieve streak-free sparkling windows.
frozen pipes

Tips for managing frozen pipes

Many buildings across the Greater Toronto Area experienced frigid weather this month, which caused pipes in commercial buildings to freeze and burst.
supply costs

Reducing the cost of cleaning supplies

The cost of cleaning supplies tend to add up, especially in larger facilities
JanSan industry

How buyer demands are changing in the JanSan industry

The JanSan industry is adapting to evolving demands among business buyers who now expect the same omnichannel experiences they get from consumers brands,

Fall inspections to curtail costly winter repairs

The changing seasons bring freeze and thaw cycles, falling leaves, organic growth and harsh weather conditions that can wreak havoc on a facility.

Keeping floors clean during seasonal storms

Here is a cleaning checklist to help protect floors before and after an unexpected weather event.
Ignition risks of flammable refrigerants

Ignition risks of flammable refrigerants probed

Refrigerant leaks could be particularly problematic in reach-in or walk-in coolers since flammable concentrations could build in these confined spaces and disperse outward when the door is opened.
baby changing

Cleaning baby changing stations

Baby changing tables in public restrooms across Canada are often difficult to find, but many facilities are stepping up.

Simple steps to handle norovirus incidents

Norovirus illness can happen all year long and is easily spread in group settings like schools, day camps, childcare facilities and cruise ships.
retail maintenance

Cost-cutting services for retail maintenance

The Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association outlines best practices and tools to reduce retail maintenance costs and improve operating efficiency.

Buying a Cleaning Franchise: Pros and Cons

Being associated with a cleaning franchise allows people to be part of a broader network with great training opportunities, but there are also drawbacks.