Clean Matters

GBAC STAR accreditation

Celebrating one year of GBAC STAR accreditation

Over 1,900 facilities in more than 80 countries have earned accreditation, and another 3,000+ are pursuing it.
ISSA Show Canada

Registration now open for 2021 ISSA Show Canada

The virtual event on June 17, 2021 will recognize the cleaning industry’s position today, and where we may go from here.
Bell Centre

Bell Centre becomes first Canadian hockey arena to achieve GBAC STAR accreditation

The home of the Montreal Canadiens is the latest notable milestone for the program in Canada.
CDC guidelines

GBAC clarifies CDC guidelines on cleaning

GBAC, a Division of ISSA, has clarified its stance on revised CDC guidelines related to cleaning and disinfecting for SARS-CoV-2.
National Cleaning Week

National Cleaning Week returns to elevate and celebrate the industry

The annual event offers opportunities for advocacy, education, employee recognition, and charity.
Environmental Stewardship Award

ISSA Canada names Environmental Stewardship Award winners

The 2020 winners are Yorkdale Shopping Centre, Manulife Investment Management, and Rogers Place.
GBAC STAR Service Accreditation

GBAC STAR Service Accreditation now available for cleaning providers

Cleaning service providers have a new way to show off their credentials.
GBAC STAR Facility Accreditation

GBAC STAR Facility Accreditation continues to saturate Canada

The program is gathering pace north of the border, as everything from hotels to arenas to convention centres secure accreditation.
Facility Cleaning and Maintenance

Expanded Winter 2020 issue of FC&M now available

The cleaning and maintenance industry has never been more important. Here, amid the difficult backdrop of 2020, we look to celebrate that.

The coronavirus mutates & spreads: what does that mean?

A 70 per cent more infectious, aggressive mutated form of the coronavirus has emerged. But what does that mean?
ISSA Canada

Setting the stage for increased industry recognition

One positive from the pandemic is a new respect for the important role professional cleaners play.
GBAC STAR accreditation

ISSA’s GBAC STAR accreditation success is a sign of a cleaner world

The GBAC STAR accreditation was only launched in spring but has already seen huge uptake from facilities around the world.
public restrooms

Public restroom cleanliness: a great source of concern

These days, the cleanliness of public restrooms will help convince people that it is safe to return to public spaces.
embodied carbon

An embodied carbon primer for facility managers

Facility management affects a significant component of total lifetime embodied carbon.

Outbreak accelerates role of cobotics in cleaning

COVID-19 is expected to push cobotics to the forefront of cleaning as facilities prioritize health and safety more than ever.
cleaning with microfibre mop

Cleaning schools in the age of COVID-19

Schools have the duty to prevent and control infectious diseases. The COVID-19 pandemic makes the process of cleaning schools even more imperative.
anxiety over COVID-19 could triggercleaning chemical mishaps

Beware the risks of cleaning chemical mishaps

Some basic chemistry lessons should be reiterated: mixing bleach with ammonia-containing or acid-containing products will produce a toxic reaction.