Training & Safety


Minimizing roadside work zone risks

Employers need to ensure construction crews know and follow specific safety procedures in roadside work zones.
AI labour

Using AI to address the labour gap

AI has the potential to address the construction labour gap by automating tasks and streamlining projects.
asbestos contractors

Protecting contractors from asbestos

Asbestos abatement contractors who operate in B.C. must be licensed by Jan. 1, 2024.
safety construction

Raising the bar on construction safety

Decades of learning from mistakes and leveraging new technology, tools and reporting means construction workers are safer now than ever before.
safety resources

Sharing Construction Safety Resources

The Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations is an united umbrella organization that facilitates resources and information.
Prison time for supervisor in NB jobsite death

Falls remain the most serious construction injury

Along with slips and trips, falls are some of the most common causes of workplace injuries and fatalities in the construction industry.
labour market

Construction faces uncertain labour market

With strong construction activity across all sectors, companies are struggling to meet demand with the uncertain labour market.
worker safety

8 essentials for worker safety

AFFLINK's Safety Supply Checklist outlines eight essentials for facility managers and workers.
LNG Bridgemans

A perfect storm of labour and cost challenges

An acute labour shortage, supply chain challenges, price increases and mental health are all top issues for the B.C. construction sector.
Prison time for supervisor in NB jobsite death

Collaborating on worksite safety

A construction worksite is inherently challenging with many moving pieces. Collaboration and building relationships ensure safety for all.
mandate vaccine

Is a vaccine mandate right for your company?

For construction employers considering implementing COVID vaccine mandates, the key consideration is a compelling reason.

Training employees is key to cybersecurity

Providing proper cybersecurity training for all employees is critical to prevent online attacks, according to Ron Borsholm.

BCIT: Encouraging women in trades

BCIT is B.C.’s largest trades training institute with trades and apprenticeship programs, and has the longest-running Women in Trades program.
women Alberta

Women in trades: the challenge of change

Change is not easy. And women entering the male dominated construction industry know that better than most, representing 4.5 per cent of the skilled trades.

Building support for mental health

The COVID-19 pandemic is emphasizing the importance of having strategies in place to provide support for mental health in construction.
VRCA trades

Time is right for a construction career

The Progressive Contractors Association of Canada is promoting a career in construction with the launch of Opportunity Knocks.
housing supply

Construction labour force recruitment critical

Between 2019 and 2021, a significant amount of competing large-scale, multi-billion dollar projects are expected to commence in British Columbia. Construction demand is growing faster than