Health & Safety


FireSmart land use planning supports safety

Prolonged, mass evacuations and the spectre of approaching flames reinforce the importance of emergency preparedness and embedding risk management in land use planning.

Safety code tweaks allowable radiation levels

Health Canada adjusts some of its recommended thresholds for exposure to electromagnetic energy emitted from wireless communications

SaskPower inspires recall of smart meters

SaskPower's experience sparks recall of smart meters in Ontario.

West Nile virus season still bites across Canada

Recent findings of infected mosquitos should remind property owners to implement protective measures against the spread of West Nile virus. Even as summer ends and

Asbestos surveys widely mandated in Quebec

Quebec is one of the last Canadian jurisdictions to specifically mandate asbestos monitoring and ...

EU contemplates foam insulation ban

The European Parliament's environmental committee has moved to ban foam insulation manufactured with ...

‘Nutrition labelling’ for building products

The Health Product Declaration (HPD) open standard was developed to provide support for evaluating products ...

Reducing the risk of Legionella

Any water source in a building that can be aerosolized may be a Legionella risk, particularly where the water is dirty, remains still or is not exposed to a ...

Health advocacy

A collective effort is underway to develop a Health Product Declaration, which is aimed at creating a consistent format for reporting product content ...

Changes coming from WHMIS

Retraining in WHMIS will likely be required upon the introduction of the globally harmonized system for classifying and labelling chemicals.

Legislation gets to the heart of health and safety

Manitoba is the first Canadian province to mandate automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in specific facilities.