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Combatting Cold-Weather Condensation

The cold winter weather can bring all manner of property maintenance issues, but few can cause as many headaches as unchecked condensation.
HFC phase-down

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Canada advances HFC phase-down

Impending environmental regulations will push the Canadian and American real estate industries toward cooling and insulation options with lower global warming potential.

REMI Network

ROXUL headquarters celebrates LEED Gold

The North American headquarters of ROXUL Inc. has just earned LEED Gold certification.

REMI Network

Insulation LMCT acts to curtail climate change

The Heat and Frost Insulators Labour Management Cooperative Trust (Insulators LMCT) is asking the Ontario government to consider a pilot program which examines insulation efficiency
Thermal Insulation

Canadian Property Management

Choosing the right thermal insulation

While R-value is often the main point of discussion when talking about insulation, it is only one aspect of a material's properties and performance.

Building Strategies & Sustainability

EU contemplates foam insulation ban

The European Parliament's environmental committee has moved to ban foam insulation manufactured with ...