New name for GVHBA emphasizes homebuilders

Friday, February 1, 2019

Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association (GVHBA) is rebranding to Homebuilders Association Vancouver (HAVAN), complemented by a new brand identity. The change is a sign of progress, and a reiteration to the association’s commitment to better express its goals and connect resources to consumers, while strengthening benefits to its members.

The new name emphasizes the association’s core focus on homebuilders, with the addition of the descriptor association positioning members as leaders within the residential construction industry, and the use of Vancouver acting as an iconic term for the greater region.

“Our goal remains the same – to help build the homes, and shape communities where people aspire to live. Homebuilding is at the heart of what our members do. Placing an emphasis on homebuilders makes sense. We’re excited for the opportunity to empower our members to better connect with consumers,” said Bob de Wit, HAVAN’s CEO.

“Homebuilders Association Vancouver is a simple yet strategic name change, which allows us to quickly convey a clear message across all platforms to the public. The abbreviated acronym HAVAN is a memorable word, easily said, and one which plays off the idea of, ‘home as one’s haven.”

The new name is supported by a complete redesign of company graphics, owned assets and communication platforms, including The bold new logo reflects the association’s position of leadership, with representation across all levels of government and Metro Vancouver municipalities, offering a complete suite of consumer and member resources, for all housing forms relating to home building, buying, and renovation.

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