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EllisDon Community Builders to deliver affordable housing

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

EllisDon has launched EllisDon Community Builders (EDCB), a new group within the company to assist clients who wish to deliver affordable and supportive housing. EDCB provides an array of development management services while leveraging EllisDon’s turn-key cradle-to-grave project capabilities to bring high-quality affordable and sustainable developments.

“We have undertaken a unique approach to addressing Canada’s affordable housing crisis with a replicable and scalable solution,” says Nicholas Gefucia, EllisDon Community Builders vice president. “Our offering is not simply a development and construction solution. It is a holistic and comprehensive approach that ensures the delivery of assets that communities can be proud of.”

EDCB will lead the development of housing concepts that will incorporate input from design, construction and operating teams in the earliest stages of projects, while working alongside its clients and partners to ensure the successful delivery of projects on-time and on-budget. Early involvement enables the utilization of the full breadth of EllisDon’s expertise and experience. By engaging stakeholders from early concept to project completion, EDCB ensures intended outcomes are achieved and that each asset showcases its community at its absolute best.

“Our aim is to partner with those who share our main focus, which is affordable and sustainable housing. Our model supports this, and EllisDon’s national reach, including in the far North, and will foster a scalability that we believe will effectively address affordable housing challenges across Canada,” says Gefucia.

EDCB has designed a flexible and holistic template design for affordable and supportive housing developments. This sophisticated building concept has been created with the flexibility to seamlessly fit into a variety of community contexts, while prioritizing cost, schedule efficiency and best value for money, along with durability.

The most up-to-date standards surrounding energy performance, greenhouse gas emissions, accessibility, and whole-life performance are key factors adhered to within the design template.

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  1. Hello. I am the Board Chair of St Vincent de Paul Society of Kingston Ontario. We have purchased land for development of a new facility. There is a portion of the land which would be very appropriate for an affordable housing development. We would be interested in partnering with a building group to examine the project. Would it be possible to set up a meeting in the next month or so to explore options? Thanks for you r attention.

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