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Cascadia launches fiberglass framed window wall

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Cascadia Windows & Doors has launched the world’s first fiberglass-framed window wall system. The Universal Series Window Wall marks an innovative step forward in energy efficient building technology, allowing architects and specifiers to substantially improve the overall thermal performance of commercial and high-rise buildings, without sacrificing windows size or glass area.

The Universal Series Window Wall can improve a building’s thermal performance by 50 to 150 per cent, compared to traditional aluminum, largely due to the inherent thermal efficiency of the window wall’s fiberglass frame.

Available with both double and tripled paned glass, the window wall delivers R4 & R7 thermal performance, respectively, and leverages similar technology as the company’s Passive House Certified (U.S. and International) series of windows and doors. This designed-in-North-America system arrives at an opportune time for the construction industry.

“Jurisdiction across North America are aggressively outlining better energy efficiency requirements for commercial buildings,” explains Cascadia Windows & Doors president Mike Battistel. “Over the last 20 years, traditional commercial windows haven’t improved as much as other building products, but they represent a very significant part of the building envelope. The efficiency levels of windows impact everything from the sizing of heating and cooling systems to general comfort and livability of the space.”

As more aggressive building codes come into effect across Canada and the U.S., the Cascadia team recognized architects and specifiers were finding themselves having to trade natural light and a more livable buildings for energy efficiency.

“Our Window Walls provide architects and specifiers the best of both worlds,” says Battistel. “They can design exciting, engaging buildings that people want to live and work in, all while delivering better building efficiency. They don’t have to choose between the two. In almost all cases our window walls exceed the most stringent code requirements.”


Photo: Spandrel at slab bypass of new Aluminum-Fiberglass hybrid window wall by Cascadia Windows.

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