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Canada invests in wood construction and innovation

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The government of Canada has announced a $2.5-million investment in the Canadian Wood Council’s Advanced Wood Education Roadmap to promote the benefits and opportunities associated with wood construction.

This project will design and implement new Canadian post-secondary learning curricula, resources and tools, as well as work placements, which will teach students the benefits of wood, wood-hybrid and non-traditional construction.

“Canada is a world leader in forest product innovation,” said Amarjeet Sohi Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources. “And our government is proud to support this initiative, which will provide the next generation of engineers and architects with the expertise and knowledge they need to continue on the path of ingenuity through wood construction, while creating jobs and helping us meet our climate change goals.”

Funding for the project is provided through Natural Resources Canada’s Green Construction through Wood program, which encourages the use of wood in non-traditional construction projects, such as tall wood buildings, low-rise non-residential buildings and bridges. The program aims to position Canada as a world leader in tall wood construction technologies and the low-carbon economy.

The announcement will help achieve Canada’s 2030 climate change goals by training future leaders in Canada’s design and construction communities in effective ways of constructing sustainably with Canadian wood, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“The wood products industry applauds the GCWood funding announcement from Natural Resources Canada in support of an education roadmap,” said Rick Jeffery, Interim President, Canadian Wood Council. “Supporting post-secondary institutions will equip future engineers, architects, and builders with the knowledge and skillsets to design and build modern wood structures — resulting in expanded market demand for Canadian wood products, support for job growth, promotion of innovation in research and technology, and mitigation of climate change through carbon absorption and storage.”

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