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Employees absorb most home workspace costs

More than one third of survey respondents report no per-employee allocation has been established for the home workspaces where it’s projected staff will spend at least 42 per cent of their formal work hours well into 2021.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Going touch-free in a collaborative workplace

Touch-free technology to help limit the spread of infection is now seen in almost every area of a workplace, not just washrooms.
COVID-19 lets loose work-from-home preference

Canadian Facility Management & Design

COVID-19 lets loose work-from-home preference

Fewer than 18 per cent of survey respondents report they have been more productive in home workspaces during the COVID-19 lockdown, but a majority conclude they are at least 80 per cent as productive as in a formal office setting.
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Top 12 stories to watch in 2018

The REMI Network's editorial team takes a look at last year's top stories and how they will continue to impact the commercial real estate industry in 2018.