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Class action commenced against Woodbridge senior home

Thomson Rogers has issued a class action proceeding claiming $15 million in damages on behalf of the residents and families of a Woodbridge senior home owned by Sienna Senior Living.

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Sienna Senior Living introduces new safety measures

In the aftermath of the scathing report issued by the Canadian Armed Forces about the state Ontario long-term care, Sienna Living announced it will be increasing safety measures to protect resident and workers.
military report on long-term care homes

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Military exposes dire state of Ontario long-term care

The Canadian Armed Forces has issued a scathing report on the state of Ontario’s long-term care homes, shedding light on the grim conditions service members observed in five specific GTA residences.
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Chartwell announces new fund for senior living employees

Chartwell announced it has launched the CaRES Fund in partnership with other sector leaders to help support senior living workers on the front-lines.
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Senior housing in the age of COVID-19

From Vancouver to Bobcaygeon, Ottawa to Montreal, facilities catering to seniors have been battling surging infection rates since COVID-19’s devastating path began. Even robust protocols don't seen to be enough to stop the deadly spread.
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Sienna Senior Living issues COVID-19 statement

With elderly citizens being most at risk of COVID-19 complications, Lois Cormack, President and CEO of Sienna Senior Living Inc. issued a statement regarding company-wide safety measures.