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Condos see ‘significant shift’ in operations

There is a significant shift in the way condo corporations are managing common elements, noisy neighbours and condo meetings.
mask bylaw

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What does Toronto’s mask bylaw mean for condos?

A new bylaw exempting condos from mandatory mask-wearing inside the building means corporations might want to impose a mask policy for common elements.
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When private interests infiltrate the condo board

Governance challenges and financial issues abound when condo board directors become motivated by self-interest.
board positions


Courts taking note of unreasonable positions

Courts are taking note of aggressive or unreasonable positions adopted by boards of directors, as the Couture v. TSCC No. 2187 case showed.
shared facilities


Shared facilities, shared headaches?

The agreement that sets out the parameters of the legal relationship between corporations governing shared facilities is often vague, fueling disputes.
ethical business conduct


Why develop a code of ethics for condo directors

Owners rightfully expect that directors will fulfill their role ethically and in the best interests of the condominium corporation. But what happens when a director
Breaking Rules


When residents repeatedly break condo rules

The Ontario courts view a forced unit sale as a last resort, even when residents repeatedly break condo rules. Escalating enforcement measures come first.


Responding to requests for condo records

When are condo boards required to release documents to owners? Josh Milgrom, an associate with Heenan Blaikie LLP's condominium group, explains.