Health and Safety


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Simple steps to handle norovirus incidents

Norovirus illness can happen all year long and is easily spread in group settings like schools, day camps, childcare facilities and cruise ships.
infection control

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Infection control market could reach $300-billion-plus by 2025

The global infection control market is expected to reach more than $258 billion (U.S.) by 2025, according to a new report.
shopping malls

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Four bacteria hot spots in shopping centres

There are many areas in shopping malls where people are likely to catch harmful bacteria and viruses. Here are four hot spots.
product ingredients

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Safety data now availiable for U.S. cleaning product ingredients

Safety data on hundreds of chemicals in the U.S. consumer cleaning product supply chain is now available for public viewing.
hospital cleaning

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Hospital cleaning staff survey reveals disturbing patterns

Survey of hospital cleaning staff from more than 60 hospitals across Ontario points to concerns that understaffing is leading to poorly cleaned areas.

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Tips for reducing radon in the workplace

The winter season brings increased levels of radon in the workplace, and is a prime time to test for and address any issues.

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Employees misjudge top office areas for germs

Workplaces are often culprits for influenza and employees are usually uneducated on what areas of an office harbor the most germs.
antimicrobial resistance

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Global leaders vow action on antimicrobial resistance

World leaders pledged a stronger commitment address antimicrobial resistance, during the high-level meeting on AMR at the 71st UN General Assembly.
floor finish

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The value of applying a floor finish

Some facilities no longer apply protective finishes to floors due to time, cost and environmental issues. Here are some healthy and manageable options.
chemical footprint

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Saskatchewan upgrades chemical labelling

Saskatchewan’s chemical labelling system will soon align with a new world-wide standard.
radon testing


Why radon testing should be on your radar

After smoking, radon exposure is the next leading cause of lung cancer. An expert walks through radon testing and mitigation strategies.

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Pesticide blamed in Fort McMurray tragedy

After pesticide claims baby’s life and hospitalizes four kids, their Fort McMurray property manager reacts to worst nightmare
construction activity

Construction Business

New test for mobile crane operators

An industry committee led by the Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table (Skills Table) is advancing the development of a voluntary, Canada-wide demonstration of skills test


Tree management tips for extreme weather

The past year has seen several storm events that have resulted in significant damage to trees in southern Ontario. The ice storm that hit the
Office Design

Canadian Facility Management & Design

How to set an ergonomic purchasing standard

Office ergonomic assessments are, without doubt, an integral part of any ergonomics program; however, in some instances, no matter how thorough the assessment, musculoskeletal injuries


A flurry of red-tagged emergency generators

When last winter’s ice storm walloped Toronto days before Christmas and knocked out power in parts of the city for upwards of a week, it


Study shows benefits of smoke-free buildings

A new study shows smoke-free buildings with policies requiring residents to butt out reduce exposure to harmful airborne contaminants in multi-unit housing.