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How to remain resilient in a competitive market

Building and maintaining a resilient architecture or design practice and staying competitive is more important than ever today.
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Creating a data governance policy

Here are four steps to help a company manage its data assets.

The challenge of working abroad

Working abroad can present challenges on many fronts, from design coordination and language barriers to bigger ...

Competing in today’s design industry

An owner of a design firm should consider a variety of strategic alliance and business combination possibilities to ...
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Minimizing business and legal risk

In the design sector, designers face three types of general risks: financial; time; and impact on reputation.

Picture perfect projects

Whether promoting new work on the web or submitting projects for design awards, photography plays a pivotal role in helping people ...

A misunderstood profession

Decorating is an important part of what some interior designers do but only a small part. This perception can affect designers’ ability to practice.