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The impact of wildfires on project insurance

The growing severity of wildfires in B.C. means insurers are restricting when and where they’ll provide coverage.

Strategies to reduce fire risks on job sites

Those who adopt new materials and technologies can lessen the threat of fire and prevent their projects from going up in flames.

Weather events creating insurance turmoil

With catastrophic weather events hitting hard across the country, 2022 was ranked the third worst year for insured losses in Canadian history.
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Construction insurance is still going up

Insurance will cost more this year. In fact, the industry has been dealing with inflationary pressures for the past three years.

Contract bonds offer low cost guarantee

Contract bonds offer a low cost guarantee, usually costing less than a one per cent premium on the subcontractor’s contract amount.

COVID-19 and surety market challenges

COVID-19 presents challenges for the surety industry. How contractors respond to those challenges will ensure relationships remain healthy,
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Prepare for project risks driven by COVID-19

As COVID-19 restrictions slowly lift across the country, construction and design professionals have a very different working environment and associate set of project risks to

Bill 142 ensures contractors get prompt payment

On December 5, Bill 142 passed third reading in the Ontario Legislature. The Bill requires that all public work in the province be protected by bonds.

Minimizing Liability Risk

What is professional liability insurance and what it covers are common questions by many within the construction, design and engineering communities. Construction professionals such as

Construction project insurance risks

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Limiting liability for engineers

It is often said that construction contracts are all about allocation of risk, and the same can be said about contracts for engineering services.

Surety bonds for construction projects

Surety bonds are a valuable tool in mitigating and managing the risk inherent in construction projects.