Risk Management

Building sector brainstorms on extreme weather

Commercial real estate operators have a steadily accumulating inventory of lessons learned from extreme weather events, providing both motivation and insight to prepare for more climate volatility in the future.
investable cities

Pension funds drawn to investable cities

Despite an abundance of investment funds spending across the globe, Canadian infrastructure continues to face a crisis.

FireSmart land use planning supports safety

Prolonged, mass evacuations and the spectre of approaching flames reinforce the importance of emergency preparedness and embedding risk management in land use planning.
severe weather risks

Resilient energy plans for severe weather risks

The Resilient Pipes and Wires Report argues that investment in climate change adaptation is imperative for safety, security and business continuity, and to avoid the staggering losses that can result from lack of preparedness.

SaskPower inspires recall of smart meters

SaskPower's experience sparks recall of smart meters in Ontario.

Resilient buildings function through crises

Resilient buildings respond to the growing likelihood of extreme weather events.
public works

Road salt usage causing problems in Ontario

Property managers are using large amounts of road salt this winter. But overuse is taking its toll on their' pocketbooks and the environment.

Recognizing safety threats in the janitor’s closet

Cleaning chemicals rely on powerful formulas to help loosen and remove soils and contaminants from all types of surfaces. When used properly, they are generally safe. When used improperly, problems can arise.

Reducing the risk of Legionella

Any water source in a building that can be aerosolized may be a Legionella risk, particularly where the water is dirty, remains still or is not exposed to a ...

Caution afoot

Engineering and life safety specialists are currently examining stairwell concerns in preparation for possible new or revised rules that would be introduced in the 2015 National Building Code.

Flooding brings immediate, downstream costs

Water spills, leaks and floods are a common occurrence that can have a costly impact on public and workplace safety and building operations.

Legislation gets to the heart of health and safety

Manitoba is the first Canadian province to mandate automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in specific facilities.