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A streamlined approach to garbage room maintenance

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Property management teams have been stretched thin throughout the pandemic. Between keeping staff and residents safe, meeting heightened demands, and managing building projects, it can be difficult to keep critical maintenance activities from falling off the radar.

“It’s a lot to deal with,” says Brian De Carli, Vice President of Metro Jet Wash. “So anything a service provider like us can do to take maintenance responsibilities off their shoulders is always welcome.”

No doubt, property teams have many responsibilities to juggle on any given day. One of the most important today, however, is keeping their buildings clean and hygienic to mitigate the risks of COVID-19 infection. And when it comes to high-priority spaces, garbage rooms reign supreme.

“Keeping a clean and effective garbage room is always important – both for resident safety and comfort. Even still, it’s no small task, especially now when there are so many other priorities for property stakeholders to keep track of,” adds Brian.

Offloading the work

There are advantages to offloading cleaning and maintenance activities. For its part, Metro Jet Wash has introduced a garbage room maintenance program designed to deliver a suite of cleaning, updating, and general maintenance services for a predictable monthly fee.

By signing up for a three-year commitment, clients receive a wealth of service, including two yearly compactor/chute cleanings, regular automated odour control system servicing, and one restoration painting. As well, the bundled service comes with a welcome kit that includes shovels, brooms, scrapers, and cleaner/degreaser; as well as a 10% discount on items from the Metro Jet Wash online store.

“Our philosophy is to make life easier for our clients – to give them peace of mind that we’re taking care of their garbage room,” says Leslie De Carli, Chief Executive Officer with the Toronto-based company. “Offering all these services under one bundled rate lets property management teams focus on their jobs knowing we’re down there keeping things clean, sanitary, and inviting for proper use.”

There are options to take this service even further, she adds. In addition to its regular Garbage Room Maintenance Plan, the firm offers a complete parking lot and garage cleaning and maintenance service along with low clearance vac trucks and jetter’s to service all types of drains, catch basins and sump pits. Moreover, Metro Jet Wash’s monthly services include regular reports, which help clients keep track of activities performed, potential garbage room needs, and information they can use to inform future garbage room investments.

“Since we’re in there a lot, we can tell our clients what we’re seeing, what we’re doing, and what else can be done to make that environment as effective as possible,” says Andew De Bartolo, Division Lead with Metro Jet Wash.

Metro Jet Wash is no stranger to adaptation. Like many property management service providers, the company has spent a bulk of 2020 implementing new cleaning and sanitation processes, equipment, and training to deliver its services safely under increasingly risky conditions. Looking ahead, the team hopes all-in-one service packages like its Garbage Room Maintenance Plans give property management teams the solutions, savings, and – more importantly – peace of mind to refocus on their priorities.

Learn more about Metro Jet Wash and its Garbage Maintenance Plans at or contact the team directly.

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