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School washrooms are receiving failing grades from students

Bradley Corp's latest Healthy Handwashing Survey focuses on attitudes towards high school washrooms during COVID-19.
Tuesday, November 3, 2020

High schools and other educational institutions stepped up their cleaning game since students returned this fall. However, it sounds like those measures aren’t necessarily inspiring the confidence that would be hoped, particularly when it comes to school washrooms.

Bradley Corp’s latest Healthy Handwashing Survey, a back-to-school edition, quizzed high school students on how they feel about COVID-19 and returning to class. It found that the majority of respondents feel nervous about being back and that there is particular fear when it comes to washrooms.

Heightened concerns

For a start, 58 per cent of the students asked admitted they felt nervous about returning in the pandemic. But most of the results focused on washrooms, which have been a key concern throughout the pandemic when it comes to cleanliness.

The survey notes that high school students worry mostly about exposure to coronavirus in their school’s washrooms. 63 per cent, in fact, have active concerns about germs in washrooms. That hesitance is perhaps best shown in how facilities were rated. 50 per cent of respondents considered their school washrooms to be “poor” or “fair” and only 6 per cent described them as “excellent”.

Generally speaking, handwashing habits have improved and seem to be sticking. 55 per cent now wash their hands six or more times a day compared to just 25 percent prior to the outbreak. Going forward, though, the majority (76 per cent) of students think it’s important that their washroom facilities are equipped with touchless technology.

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