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Regina Bypass wins Gold Award for Infrastructure

Thursday, November 19, 2020

The Regina Bypass is among the five winners of the 2020 National Awards for Innovation and Excellence in Public-Private Partnerships.

Presented by the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships, the project by Graham Construction was recognized with a Gold Award for Infrastructure.

The Regina Bypass, the province of Saskatchewan’s largest transportation infrastructure project to date, opened on-schedule and on-budget in October 2019. It consists of 60 km (40 mi.) of four-lane highway running along the city’s west, south and east sides. By delivering this project using the public-private partnership model, the Government of Saskatchewan calculated savings of CAD$380M versus traditional procurement and operations methods.

The Regina Bypass is also Saskatchewan’s first public-private partnership for transport infrastructure.

“This project, and this award, are a testament to our collaborative approach,” says Andy Trewick, Graham’s president and CEO. “The key to successful project outcomes, especially on large projects like the Regina Bypass, is to establish shared goals among all project stakeholders and work together to achieve them.”

This award celebrates several key qualities achieved by the delivery team, including: innovative partnering involving multiple entities, measurable enhancement of project quality and/or excellence in service delivery, appropriate allocation of risks, responsibilities and returns between partners, effective use of financing and/or use of non-traditional sources of revenue and cost savings over traditional procurement.

The delivery team was a joint venture comprised of Graham, Parsons Canada, Carmacks Enterprises and Vinci Canada. Financing and development were led by equity investors Graham Capital, Parsons Enterprises, Vinci Concessions and Connor, Clark and Lunn.

The Canadian Council National Awards for Public-Private Partnerships were established in 1998 to honour governments and/or public institutions and their private sector partners who have demonstrated excellence and innovation in public-private partnerships.

The awards are presented annually to showcase Canadian excellence and innovation in project financing, service delivery, infrastructure investment and/or generation of economic benefit, which result in enhanced quality of public services and facilities.




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