Perkins and Will acquires Penoyre & Prasad

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Global architecture and design firm Perkins and Will has acquired Penoyre & Prasad, based in London, United Kingdom.

The merger, which grew out of the firms’ common environmental and social concerns, goals, and design philosophies, benefits both practices while enhancing design services for clients worldwide.

“There are so many shared values between our firms that this partnership felt natural to us. We’re looking forward to using our combined capacity to deliver even better results for our clients, more efficiently,” says Sunand Prasad, who co-founded Penoyre & Prasad in 1988.

Sustainable design innovation is another synergy between the two firms. As mission-driven organizations, both work diligently to reduce the environmental impacts of buildings and other spaces, and to create places that support optimal health and well-being.

Other areas of overlap include the firms’ passion for designing places that support well-being, such as healing environments, schools, libraries, and museums; their dedication to a collaborative design process that involves the input of clients and community at every level; their commitment to giving back to the community; their ongoing efforts to diversify their practice and the profession; and their enthusiasm for public outreach, education, and mentorship.

“The global resources provided by Perkins and Will mean that we can increase our reach and fulfil our ambition to design in a more holistic way, with wider impact,” said Ian Goodfellow, a partner at Penoyre & Prasad. “This is particularly important given the climate emergency the world is facing.”

Penoyre & Prasad will operate as a studio within the London branch of Perkins and Will, retaining its brand for a few years during a period of integration. All 35 staff members will co-locate to Perkins and Will before the end of the year.

“Our new colleagues from Penoyre & Prasad are an invaluable addition to our team, and to our network of clients,” said Linzi Cassels, design director of the London studio of Perkins and Will. “Now, we can seamlessly apply best practices in commercial architecture and interiors to projects in the healthcare, higher education, and civic sectors, and vice-versa. Our clients have access to everything they need under one roof.”

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