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ONE Global Design launches new website

Thursday, April 12, 2018

ONE Global Design, an international network of independent, principal-owned architecture and design firms, has launched its new website.

Comprised of 17 firms in 18 locations across North and Central America, ONE Global Design’s website serves as a resource for the corporate real estate, developer, and business community looking to tap into leading, independent experts.

The ONE Global Design network allows corporate clients to seamlessly work with a firm that is familiar with their brand, vision and company culture in partnership with a local best-in-class firm that understands and is embedded in the community where the project is located. Every project is led by a principal team that knows the client’s business.

“The ONE partnerships are successful because our clients work with the design team that know and understand the goals of the company, the culture of their people and has the connections across North America to bring their projects to life with a trusted member of our alliance.” says Julie Campbell, principal at SSDG Interiors Inc.

This unique model, created in response to requests from corporate clients, offers a global perspective with a local, personal touch. Recent collaborations include projects for Flight Centre, Balfour Pacific / Hamilton Partners, QuadReal, and Clio, among others.

“We offer a unique alternative, the best of both worlds – a principal that understands the client’s brand and needs and a top-ranked local expert,” said Norm Liedtke, a co-founder of ONE Global Design and CEO of Meyer, an architecture and interior design firm in Philadelphia. “Each of our firms has partnered with another on at least one project, and we work together with confidence and trust to consistently deliver excellence in design and client service.”

Historically, national and international corporations with the need for architecture and interior design services in different cities had two options: hire different small firms in each market and oversee multiple individual projects or go with one large, national firm with greater resources but limited local insight, talent and accountability.

ONE Global Design created a unique opportunity to tap into the knowledge, experience and geographic expertise of 17 firms, each considered best-in-class in their respective markets.

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