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HDR l CEI announces name change to HDR

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Canadian architecture firm HDR | CEI has announced a name change with the firm now becoming known simply as HDR.

HDR has one of the world’s largest architecture practices, with a highly-regarded design portfolio in diverse markets. The global firm comprised of architects, engineers and economists provides architecture, engineering, sustainable design and construction services in multiple market sectors.

Since HDR acquired CEI in 2015, the Western Canada architecture offices have developed their sciences and justice practices while continuing to grow their healthcare, sports and recreation, post-secondary and commercial/corporate portfolios.

“As an integral part of the expansion strategy for HDR’s Canadian architecture practice, the time is right to move forward with the HDR name,” said John Scott, a founding partner of CEI and a current HDR vice president. “HDR’s values, such as listening to our clients, pushing boundaries, assembling the right experts for every project and delivering unique skills and experience, are values that have informed the way we have been practicing architecture in Western Canada for more than 20 years.”

Reflecting on the success of the acquisition, he added: “In becoming part of a global business, the leadership group saw great opportunities to provide our clients access to a deeper specialized knowledge, capabilities and expertise, and to give our people the chance to develop their skills locally and globally. We’re delighted this has proven to be true.”

Throughout its history, the British Columbia architecture practice has delivered award-winning designs for many clients, including most recently the Delbrook Community Recreation Centre, the Penticton Lakeside Resort, the Richmond City Centre Community Centre and Mulgrave Senior School.

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