Graham awarded Powell River wastewater plant

Monday, May 17, 2021

Graham Construction has been awarded the Powell River Consolidated Wastewater Treatment Plant (CWWTP) project in Powell River, B.C. 

The CWWTP project is a $61 million conventional bid-build greenfield WWTP that will consolidate and upgrade multiple smaller components of the city’s current wastewater treatment system. This project is designed to align the city’s systems with future treatment commitments. The plant is the largest infrastructure project in the city’s history.

The scope of work consists of bulk earthworks, underground utilities, retaining walls, roadwork and structural concrete work. 

Graham will also be responsible for constructing an administration building, a bioreactor complex, grit removal, bioreactors, secondary clarification, ultraviolet disinfection, digesters, dissolved aeration flotation, centrifuge dewatering, chemical dosing systems and odor control. 

An addition to the RFP was the marine outfall, previously to be a separate contract, specifically as a construction management component. The project’s location in Powell River, which is only accessible through ferries, flights, tugboats and barges, make it a unique logistical challenge.  

This project will provide sewage treatment well into the future for the downtown, Wildwood and Westview areas and will have capacity to serve the Tla’amin First Nation. 

The city says Graham Infrastructure “is at the forefront in building wastewater facilities across Canada.”

The company recently completed the Victoria capital region wastewater treatment facility at a total project cost of $775 million, and the Regina wastewater treatment plant for $224 million.

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