U.S. fragrance industry asks for exemptions to COVID-19 related business shutdowns

Fragrance lobby touts role in COVID-19 response

Monday, March 23, 2020

The Fragrance Creators Association, representing developers and manufacturers of fragrances and scents used in cleaning products and sanitizers, is touting its status as an essential industry in the response the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States. The organization has appealed to federal, state and local officials for exemptions from any mandated business closures, arguing that the industry provides important support for effective cleaning procedures.

“Fragrance is a critical formulation input into cleaning and sanitizing products,” a recent statement from the association maintains. “In addition to imparting scents that encourage proper use, fragrance technologies also work to mask unpleasant odours that could discourage use.”

In a lengthy open letter to public officials, Fragrance Creators president and chief executive officer Farah Ahmed set out an argument for the industry’s continued full production, and outlined the protocols in place to safeguard health and safety of workers and the general public. Currently, the industry makes an estimated USD $22.4 billion annual contribution to the U.S. economy.

This comes with the plea: “That federal and state governments act expeditiously to coordinate a unified, clear, and public framework that clearly explains that fragrance and consumer goods manufacturers are exempted from the gathering bans and curfews that are starting to take effect. Moreover, that the employees working at these facilities should be clearly exempted and encouraged to continue to work while healthy.”

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