Five condo landscaping tips for limited spaces

Frank Aiello, Landscape Designer, Green Leaf Landscaping Limited
Friday, May 1, 2015

How can a corporation make the most of its condo landscaping when working with limited green space?

When it comes to designing a natural green space in front of a property, limited space, such as that found in the downtown core, can be discouraging. But with a few simple condo landscaping tips, some of the most interesting and exciting landscapes can be achieved, regardless of the size of an outdoor space.

1. Go vertical: Smaller spaces may have horizontal limitations but not necessarily vertical restrictions. Features such as a pergola, arbor, or lattice, can completely transform a space, making it grand and welcoming.

2. Pick a focal point: Just like in designing an interior space or putting together an outfit for the day, a focal point draws the eye in to where it’s wanted (and away from where it’s not wanted). This gives a space pop, and at the same time, makes other unwanted views disappear. Examples of a focal point include: garden art, decorative urns, furniture and small water features.

3. Take advantage of texture: Big, bold tropical plants create a lush feel, especially in a small landscape. Their large leaves can change the scale of a smaller space and help it feel larger.

4. Add artificial vegetation: Some spaces are constrained by lack of the irrigation and natural light necessary to grow plant material, limiting the available landscape elements commonly used to create a softscape. New technology has created exciting artificial vegetation that looks and feels almost real. Everything from flowers and plants to trees and lawns can now be added to areas that can’t sustain plant material.

5. Place bold and bright colours prominently: Count on colour to enhance any space, regardless of its size. Even low-light areas can creatively be designed with variations of greens. Where possible, place bold, bright colours front and centre, where they’ll be seen. They demand attention first, allowing the rest of the limited smaller space to flow away, making the space look larger than it really is.

Implementing just one of these condo landscaping tips will contribute to an interesting and colourful garden, even in the smallest and most challenging spaces.

Frank Aiello is a multi-award winning landscape designer for Green Leaf Landscaping Limited serving exclusively the condominium sector for over 25 years. 

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