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Dialog welcomes four new principals

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Dialog has named four new principals at three of its studios: Magda Warshawski, Brady Dunlop, Chris Lenzin, and Steven Oosterhof. Warshawski and Oosterhof are principals in the Edmonton office. Dunlop is principal based in Vancouver and Lenzin in Calgary.

Warshawski is an architect focused in the healthcare design group. She has 12 years of progressive design experience in a range of healthcare project types, and more than 15 years of combined healthcare experience in Alberta and Ontario. She has worked as a project manager and architect on projects ranging from small renovations to large hospital redevelopment in both urban and rural settings, working closely with Alberta Infrastructure and AHS.

Oosterhof earned both a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering in 2008 and a doctorate in structural engineering in 2013 from the University of Alberta. He has already made his mark on Edmonton, involved with some of the city’s highest-profile and most iconic projects of recent years, including the Edmonton Arena District, the Kelly Ramsey Tower, the Edmonton Clinic Health Academy and an expansion of the Telus World of Science.

Dunlop’s responsibilities as a project leader see him engaging clients and applying his craft. A pragmatist and a designer, he values both in discovering innovative and sustainable solutions to operate within the constraints of each project. Value and quality being the underpinnings of any proposed solution, each project offers distinct opportunities to creatively reflect the individuality of its context when viewed through questioning lenses.

With more than 13 years of experience in structural design and on-site construction review, Lenzin brings an understanding of how to work with a variety of teams to make each project successful. His focus throughout his career on the design and analysis of efficient concrete and steel structures has included a wide variety of both new construction and renovation projects. He has extensive project experience on a variety of retail, commercial, institutional, transportation and health services projects, ranging from small to large scale and including multi-phase projects.

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