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Cascadia Windows wins CaGBC Product of the Year

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Cascadia Windows is the winner of the 2018 CaGBC Green Building Product of the Year Award for their Universal Series product line.

Product submissions are assessed based on four key areas: sustainability, transparency and verification, innovation, and application. Cascadia’s Universal Series was chosen by the jury because of its solid construction fiberglass and long life span rated at 50 plus years. They also noted that it’s a great Canadian success story – with most comparable windows coming from Europe – this is the first product line of its kind to be manufactured in Canada.

Fiberglass windows offer an 85 per cent improvement on the thermal performance of aluminum windows, which translates to a substantial reduction in heat loss through the building envelope. Studies have shown that windows have the potential to influence up to 50 per cent or more of the total energy used in buildings, making window improvements one of the easiest ways to reduce energy use and environmental impacts of buildings.

LEED certified buildings using Cascadia Windows have been located everywhere from San Diego to Nunavut, including projects directly adjacent to the ocean – demonstrating their applicability in both extreme cold and extreme hot climates.

“Cascadia Window’s team is very grateful for the fantastic acknowledgement from the CaGBC for naming our Universal Series windows and doors Product of the Year,” says Michael Blousfield, Technical Director and Operations Manager at Cascadia. “It’s a great made-in-Canada moment, and we are proud to be the first company in North America to be offering this innovative, leading-edge technology.”

The runners-up for the 2018 Green Building Product of the Year Award were Just BioFiber Structural Solutions Corp. for their Just BioFiber SSR block wall system and Greenstone Brandon Plant Ltd. for their Greenstone ICE Panel.

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