BCCA creates COVID-19 virtual hotline

Thursday, March 19, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the BC Construction Association (BCCA) is bolstering the resources its providing online with a “virtual hotline” to gather the observations, questions and requests for guidance from the construction sector, including trade and general contractors, project owners, tradespeople, manufacturers and suppliers, and other service providers.

The information shared will be considered by BCCA as it helps guide the industry response to COVID-19. To support any survey/hotline participant that requests assistance, BCCA has assembled a team of industry experts able to help address a wide range of industry issues in the areas of human resources, finance, project terms/contract terms, legal, health, safety, communications, supply chain, or government (regulation, policy, tax, program, legislation, etc.)

BCCA’s team of industry experts include BC Construction Safety Alliance, BC Ministry of Finance, BCCA Employee Benefit Trust, CBRE Ltd., Canadian Construction Association, Council of Construction Associations, Jenkins Marzban Logan LLP, Jouta Performance Group, Myers Norris Penny (MNP), Pace Group Communications, Partnerships BC, Wylie-Crump Ltd., and WorkSafeBC.

“I want to thank these organizations for stepping up on behalf of the construction sector, and I urge all individuals and organizations in our sector to reach out to us for support should they need it,” said Chris Atchison, president, BCCA.

“With construction contributing just under 10 per cent of provincial GDP, the sector is absolutely essential to the economic health of our province. Having guided our industry through numerous challenges over the past 50 years, we recognize that communication is critical as we work to support our sector during this unprecedented crisis.”

BCCA is also advocating for the provincial government to, among other things, introduce deferred property and payroll tax payments, and review timelines for public sector construction projects in the event it’s possible to accelerate projects in K-12 and post-secondary institutions.

1 thought on “BCCA creates COVID-19 virtual hotline

  1. I currently work on a construction site. Keeping distance is possible.. that’s not as much an issue as the unsanitary conditions on this and most highrise sites. Two hand watching stations on the ground floor… Porta potties which are disgusting even within hours of being cleaned.. toilet paper and sanitizer from these are being stolen almost instantly upon being restocked twice a week. People spitting everywhere, sweating, touching surfaces others must touch shortly after, and tools being shared regularly. The people who are saying keeping sites running is low risk must be those who don’t work on construction sites or not regularly enough to actually speak truly about the conditions. Our main site safety officer flew back from Mexico last week yet was on the site Friday last.. should have been the one person who would know better and stick to the 14 day self isolation after travelling, yet even that didn’t happen. The honor system doesn’t work, people are at risk on these sites. I wish the best for everyone, but fear the worst for everyone’s health and safety. Not looking for my name to be released lest I be punished for speaking honestly.

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