Insulation LMCT acts to curtail climate change

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Heat and Frost Insulators Labour Management Cooperative Trust (Insulators LMCT) is asking the Ontario government to consider a pilot program which examines insulation efficiency in provincially owned and operated buildings.

The group recently met with Ontario’s Finance Committee to encourage the use of mechanical insulation, known to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

“Outdated and unmaintained buildings and infrastructure are a significant burden on Ontario’s environment, through both lost energy and greenhouse gas emissions,” says Vince Engel, Western Canada vice-president of the Insulators LMCT. “Many of these problems could be easily corrected, and at a very low cost to taxpayers and building owners.”

With Ontario’s recently released discussion paper on addressing climate change, Insulators LMCT hopes to raise further awareness about the benefits of mechanical insulation.

“Greening old and new buildings presents an opportunity to address climate change and reduce energy costs for business, government and citizens,” says Dave Gardner, Ontario business manager for the Insulators LMCT. “We are looking forward to contributing our comments and to putting our skilled tradespeople to work to address this serious environmental challenge.”