New app helps users find and rate clean restrooms

Monday, March 12, 2018

Cintas Corporation launched a new clean restroom finder app called Got to Go, which allows users to find and rate the cleanliness of restrooms in their vicinity.

Within the app, users will see a map showing nearby restrooms differentiated by three colours. A green icon indicates top-rated, clean restrooms, a yellow icon indicates low-rated, dirty restrooms and a blue icon shows unrated restrooms.

Users can also see restrooms in a list view, allowing them to identify nearby restrooms sorted by distance. When clicking on a restroom icon, they can learn about the restroom’s condition and also rate the restroom. Users can also rate the condition of the facility (dirty or clean), supply level (low or well-stocked), smell (good or bad) and whether it’s open to the public or available to customers only.

Since the app is linked to Google Maps and Apple Maps, users can get directions to the restroom. They can also filter the results by location, such as gas and convenience stores, coffee shops and restaurants, retail stores or government and public buildings.

Got to Go is available for complimentary download in the iPhone App Store or Android’s Google Play. For more information, visit

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