Wavefront Centre scores highest accessibility rating

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility has achieved the highest national accessibility rating to date under the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification (RHFAC) program. With a score of 96 out of 100 points (96 per cent), the RHF Accessibility Certified Gold rated building has set the Canadian benchmark for meaningful accessibility in the built environment.

“Wavefront Centre has raised the bar for accessibility building standards across Canada through this outstanding achievement, and we are delighted to celebrate with them. We encourage other organizations to look at Wavefront Centre for inspiration in reviewing the meaningful accessibility of their buildings, and begin the journey towards creating a more inclusive future for everyone,” said Rick Hansen, Founder of the Rick Hansen Foundation.

Wavefront Centre’s Gold rating demonstrates the organization’s commitment to removing barriers for people with disabilities creating an inclusive and highly accessible office space. Key innovative accessibility features (widely praised by RHFAC professionals) that led to Wavefront Centre’s benchmark Gold rating include:

  • Rounder corridors for improved sightlines. Wider corridors so people can walk side by side and face each other when signing or speaking.
  • Acoustic baffles, ceiling tiles, wall panels to reduce reverberation (echo) and for improved sound absorption.
  • Door and wayfinding signs in high contrast and braille.

“Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility is proud to receive the highest national accessibility rating under the RHFAC program,” said Christopher T. Sutton, Chief Executive Officer at Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility. “As the leading provider of services that break down barriers to communication for people who are Deaf, DeafBlind, hard of hearing and hearing, we wanted to build an inclusive environment that showcased the best in universal design for our clients, employees and community. To achieve this high standard, we brought experts from around the globe together to ensure this facility was a space that welcomed everyone.”

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  1. Thank you DQ for carrying this story. A lot of hard work went into completing this project, and a great collaborative team to make it successful. Full project Credits as follows:

    Base Building Architecture: Mallen Gowing Berzins Architecture (MGBA.com)
    Interior Design: Mallen Gowing Berzins Architecture (MGBA.com)
    TI Contractor: Fusion Projects
    Base Building Contractor: Kindred Construction
    Base Building Developer: Conwest Group
    Real Estate Consultant: Field & Marten Associates
    Electrical Consultant: Opal Engineering
    Mechanical Consultant: Fluid Mechanical
    Branding & Signage: Harc Creative & Early Creative
    Code Consultant: Protection Engineering
    Base Building Structural: Wicke Herfst Maver Structural Engineers
    Base Building Envelope: Aqua-Coast Consulting Engineering
    Landscape: PMG Landscape Architects

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