Winter 2024

The Winter 2024 edition of Facility Cleaning & Maintenance is now available!

The future is bright.
Thursday, February 1, 2024

As we embark on the first quarter of 2024, it’s a time to embrace change and continue to move forward, enjoying the progress and evolution we’ve seen in commercial cleaning and maintenance through the last few years.

Our Winter 2024 issue starts the year off with an optimistic look at today’s landscape, tackling seasonal issues to exceed customer standards with more efficiency and better service.

Our cover story shines a light on the hardworking team that keeps the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) looking its best, as they incorporate customer relations, troubleshooting, and beyond into their daily duties. The team is led with passion and compassion as they take good care of one of Ontario’s favourite attractions.

For our expert Q&A, we chat with Jonathan Adkins, ISSA’s Executive Vice President, as the association marks its one-hundredth anniversary. Applauding this milestone, we share stories, celebrate successes, and take a peek at what the future holds for ISSA. We get specific on last year’s accomplishments with a 2023 year-in-review, and we look ahead with a 2024 preview in our ISSA News section.

As more and more companies embrace technology, using today’s tools to boost efficiency, increase their efforts, and reach their goals, what’s on the horizon for smart washrooms? We take a look at top tech and the value it brings to business owners, maintenance managers, and cleaning companies. As part of a proactive approach, planning for the warmer months can help businesses avoid costly surprises and threats to the business. To that end, we focus on infrared thermography as a diagnostic tool that can help maintenance managers get a bigger picture of what’s happening in their buildings, identify areas of concern, and better budget for future expenditures.

In today’s landscape, commercial cleaners play an important role in helping businesses reach their ESG goals by prioritizing sustainability, creating healthier and more hygienic work environments, and boosting the brand. We examine what that looks like and how cleaning companies can help businesses streamline processes and save money with greener initiatives that benefit all businesses involved.

As winter progresses, we focus on the benefits of taking a practical approach to spring maintenance. The freeze-thaw cycle can add an element of risk to cleaning and maintenance, and we look at ways to avoid spring slip-and-fall accidents on your property. With these temperature changes comes the risk of pests in your building, so we offer some practical advice to safeguard your facility and protect your business.

This issue highlights some seasonal challenges for the cleaning and maintenance industry, offering insight and guidance as we head slowly towards spring and the warmer months.

Read the full Winter 2024 issue here.

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