Spring cleaning your floors

Keep your floors looking clean and professional this season.
Wednesday, April 19, 2023

After the snow and salt damage your floors endured through the winter, spring often brings a rainy, dirty mess to try and keep clean all season. How do you stay on top of keeping your floors clean and dry until summer comes?

No matter what type of flooring you have, spring can be a challenge for cleaners, but you can get ahead of the game by starting early.

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With carpeting, your first step should be to give it a great vacuum, removing any salt and sand left from the winter. Next, tackle any spot cleaning that’s necessary to remove any stains.

A regular maintenance plan will help keep your carpet in good shape all year long. Rather than performing an annual deep clean, create a more regular schedule to deep clean more often. As well, installing mats in high-traffic areas can help save your carpets and your cleaning time.


Whether you have tile at the front entrance, in the kitchen and bathroom, or throughout, tile is a great dirt collector. Start with a quick sweep and mop to get all the loose debris from the floor. Next, using hot water and a soft-bristle brush will yield the best results. You can also try a vinegar and water solution, and then re-mop with hot water for a clean finish.

Don’t forget the grout! Because the grout sits lower than the tiles, it tends to collect water and dirt. Scrubbing the grout with a baking soda and water solution using a small, soft-bristle brush should do the trick. Avoid using coloured cleaning solutions as they could discolour or mark your grout.


Start by sweeping away dirt from the surface of the floor. Mopping should be avoided on these floors because too much water can damage the finish. Spot clean specific areas with a microfibre cloth and mild cleaning solution, drying the area after it’s cleaned. Regular maintenance of this type of flooring will keep it looking great and will extend its lifespan.

Keeping your floors clean is not only important to uphold sanitation and hygiene standards, but it also leaves a positive impression on your staff and guests. Starting with spring cleaning, create a regular maintenance plan to address your floors daily and weekly to keep them looking their best.

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