Saskatchewan introduces online condo resource

Monday, July 6, 2015

The uptick in high-rise home ownership in Saskatchewan over the last decade has prompted the provincial government to develop a new online condo resource.

Specifically, the Ministry of Justice’s Office of the Public Registry Administration has compiled information to help answer common questions. Information covers topics such as insurance, condo conversion, dispute resolution and pet ownership, among others.

“There is strong support for an online resource in the condominium sector,” said Justice Minister and Attorney General Gordon Wyant. “Our government is committed to a citizen-first approach by making sure this information is easy to obtain and answers frequent questions that arise in the condominium community.”

The number of condo corporations in Saskatchewan has increased from 773 in 2004 to 1,626 in 2014.

“With the exponential growth the province has been experiencing in condominiums in the last decade, the questions and issues have also been rapidly growing,” said Jamie Herle, Saskatchewan member of the Canadian Condominium Institute executive board. “The information available on the Government of Saskatchewan website will be a huge asset in assisting with questions about condominiums, as well as the Act and regulations.”

To access the resource online, visit and search for “condominium properties.”

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  1. In order to add to our rules and regulations about smoking in our condominium do we have to hire a lawyer to write the wording or can we do that ourselves before we send it into the corporate registry?

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