RC at CF Richmond Centre – Evoke International

IDIBC Awards of Excellence - Multiresidential and Sales Centres
Monday, November 22, 2021

RC at CF Richmond Centre is a new condo and townhouse development. The design objective for Evoke International was to create a highly program driven space to act as a sales centre for the development.

Separate from the display suites, the 5,700 square foot sales centre was required to act as a space to display and highlight project data and features, and for clients to meet and discuss among themselves and with sales agents. The spaces had to accommodate informal conversation and consideration, as well as more formal spaces to privately meet and formalize purchase.

The concept was inspired by modernist pavilions and the materiality of monolithic wood and stone with large scale elements repeated throughout, revealing selected views and housing various presentation elements. Private meeting rooms and informal gathering spaces are layered throughout an open-ended and functional driven space.

Quasi-urban and domestic space such as a cafe, planter benches, and built-in lounge seating are used to create space for informal meeting and conversation, while generous planting adds comfort and familiarity.

Custom long table seating provides a space for floor plan viewing and sales team meetings. Integrated architectural and accent lighting are tailored to each space.

The end result is a sophisticated space that successfully represents a seamless integration of the client’s programmatic requirements and identity that transcends the typical development sales centre. By creating a space that strives to embody the urban scale and essence of the development it is tasked with representing, it not only frames a unique and elevated presentation of the project, but provides an equally unique, elevated and personal sales experience for both the purchaser and the more casually interested public.



Interior Designer: David Nicolay, RID
Design Team: Adam Maitland
Photographer: Janis Nicolay



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