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PFS Studio wins AAP 2017 Firm of the Year

Monday, August 14, 2017

The American Architecture Prize (AAP) for 2017 Firm of the Year has been awarded to PFS Studio in the category of Landscape Architecture & Urban Design.

PFS Studio is a leading planning, urban design, and landscape architecture firm based in Vancouver, B.C. Their international practice undertakes projects both for the public and private sectors throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and China.

Over the past 30 years, the firm has received numerous awards, including more CSLA awards in the history of the Society than any other firm in Canada. This is a testament to the firm’s commitment to exemplary planning and design, demonstrating its ability to create iconic, memorable and engaging public spaces.

The American Architecture Prize is a global platform that honours the greatest achievements of architecture firms. The mission of AAP is to celebrate excellence, creativity and innovation across architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture. The Firm of the Year Award recognizes the full portfolio of firms, taking into consideration the company size, specializations and resources.

Global interest was high for the inaugural award, with applications from more than 40 countries all over the world. AAP’s jury recognized the work of over 20 visionary companies, awarding titles in the disciplines of architecture, interior design and landscape architecture.

An esteemed 32-member jury evaluated each firm’s complete portfolio, taking into account the company’s size, specializations, and resources.

The other two winners were Allford Hall Monaghan Morris from London, United Kingdom – Architectural Firm of The Year and Kossmann.dejong from Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Interior Design Firm of The Year.

The complete list of winners and the shortlist is available on the AAP website.

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