IcGG requirements

New roadmap for navigating IgCC requirements

Thursday, April 1, 2021

ASHRAE and the International Code Council (ICC) have collaborated on a users’ manual to support understanding and interpretation of the 2018 International Green Construction Code (IgCC). The new document offers corresponding guidance for each IgCC chapter, helping building professionals, such as engineers, architects and contractors, grasp code requirements and various avenues for complying.

The ICC and ASHRAE collaborated on the 2018 IgCC to align it with the technical requirements of ASHRAE 189.1-2017 Standard for the Design of High-Performance Green Buildings Except Low Rise Residential Buildings thus integrating what were previously two separate guidance documents. International Codes have been largely adopted in the United States, but are also the common codes in some other jurisdictions.

“The IgCC Users’ Manual offers a clear roadmap to the specific requirements of the 2018 IgCC with provisions that promote sustainable construction in an integrated fashion,” says Charles Gulledge, ASHRAE’s 2020-21 president.

“As the demand for green building design, construction and operational techniques continues to grow, the IgCC remains one of the many strong solutions that help communities establish sustainable, resilient, high-performance buildings,” concurs Mark Johnson, executive vice president of the International Code Council.

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