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Lemay Toker reinvents Hudson Block landmark

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Calgary-based Lemay + Toker, has reinvented the historic Hudson Block in downtown Calgary as an inviting, community-oriented space showcasing local artists and the latest in retail design.

Lemay + Toker partnered with ATB Financial, the largest Alberta-based financial institution, and Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters, to develop a space inspired by collaboration, innovation and creativity.

ATB Financial had tasked Lemay + Toker with relocating its 9th Avenue branch and corporate space to the main floor of Calgary’s historic Hudson Block Building at 102 8th Avenue SW. Formerly the Hudson Bay Company Department Store (1891), the Roman Revival-style heritage building has been redeveloped as a cultural hub at the heart of downtown.

“Together, ATB Financial and Phil & Sebastian are ushering in a new era of design, one that’s focused on community integration and artistic contribution,” said Eric Toker, co-founder of Toker + Associates and a Lemay + Toker partner. “We are delighted to be part of this partnership and community-hub model.”

The bank’s public-facing areas are defined by custom glass display cabinets, with specialized lighting, for a rotating gallery of quarterly contributions from the Alberta College of Art and Design. Soft seating and lounge-type arrangements encourage visitors and clientele to use the space beyond its core functionality. Its coffee-shop neighbour is equally inviting.

“Phil & Sebastian’s new location represents a major shift away from the standard commuter cafe,” said Dedre Toker, co-founder of Toker + Associates and a Lemay + Toker partner. “It also serves as a gallery space for local Market Collective artists, offering a direct touch point between artists and consumers, with all sales proceeds going directly to the artists.”

The café’s custom modular shelving was also designed to display retail products and lush greenery sourced from Calgary’s local arts market and terrarium shop.

Lemay + Toker’s makeover of downtown Calgary’s Hudson Block now provides a showcase for the values of two community-focused businesses, while bringing new life and energy to this unique destination.

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