IKEA Canada to install EV stations nationwide

Friday, July 10, 2015

During a speech at the Climate Summit of the Americas, Stefan Sjostrand, president of IKEA Canada, announced his company will install free electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at each of its 12 stores across Canada within the next six to eight weeks.

With a completion date set for the end of August, IKEA Canada is partnering with Sun Country Highway to install two 60-amp charging stations at every location, making it first retailer in the country to do so.

“Installing electric vehicle charging stations at all IKEA Canada stores reinforces our commitment to sustainability,” said Sjostrand. “We are dedicated to addressing the global climate crisis and maximizing accessibility to our store locations, and we think this initiative is a step in the right direction on both fronts.”

Transportation is a prime initiator of carbon emissions. With many IKEA Canada stores situated near major transportation corridors, the proximity to these charging stations are expected to help travel range and mitigate ‘range anxiety.’

IKEA has already made a pledge to become energy independent by 2020. Among other notable feats for IKEA Canada are its investment in a 46 megawatt wind farm in Alberta and the installation of about 4,000 solar panels on the roofs of four Ontario-based stores.

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