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Hilton expands soap recycling program

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

To mark Global Handwashing Day, Hilton hotels announced the expansion of its soap recycling program which helps fight the hygiene epidemic plaguing underserved communities due to a lack of access to basic sanitation.

Hilton also announced the successful completion of its 2019 Clean the World Challenge to collect enough soap by Global Handwashing Day to be sterilized and recycled into 2 million new bars of soap for communities in need.

“In a world where too many children die of hygiene-related illnesses, Hilton and its soap recycling partners are turning guest room waste into life-saving treasure,” said Katie Fallon, Hilton’s Global Head of Corporate Affairs in the hotel group’s press release. “We are now expanding our industry-leading, global soap recycling program to all of our brands as part of our commitment to send zero soap to landfill.”

The initiative also contributes to reducing Hilton’s overall environmental impact, which the company has set a goal to cut in half by 2030.

To bring awareness to the vital role soap plays in reducing the risk of hygiene-related illnesses, Hilton is opening the doors to an art exhibit in New York City on October 15 and 16 – The World’s Most Valuable Collection at the Soap Museum.

Image courtesy of Hilton.

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