Use AI to build your commercial cleaning business

Technology can help get more customers and stand out from the competition.
Thursday, February 1, 2024

As today’s technology continues to make its way into every industry, AI has become a highly useful tool for commercial cleaners looking to expand their client lists and grow their businesses. From marketing to management and more, AI can help you generate leads, grow your current business, and get to know your competition better so you can attract more attention for your business.

Creating content

In a recent episode of Take 5 with Cleanfax, Jeff Cross interviewed Frankie Fihn from Get Flood Jobs, and they discussed how AI can help commercial cleaners expertly create online content. Business owners are not all experts at content creation, and that’s understandable, but AI can help. Using AI, you can write any number of articles or blogs in a short amount of time using words that are popular in online searches, upping your SEO and your business profile.

Along with website content, AI can produce scripts for videos and can even create review responses, helping you build your brand and generate leads in as many places as possible.

Building the business

AI has access to a ton of data, so why not get it working for you? Research your competition, conduct market analyses, compile customer preferences, create marketing plans (and more) with today’s tools. While it does not have access to real-time data, like your stats, it can help you get a handle on the market and search for opportunities that could benefit your business. Be specific with your requests, adding info like cities, services, and scale to get the best results.

AI can also be relied upon to help better your business with features like predictive equipment maintenance, inventory management, route optimization, automated invoicing, and more. These tools help you better manage your labour and provide an optimal experience for your customers.

Managing customer service

Chatbots are growing in popularity, as businesses rely on technology to handle inquiries in real-time. This tool can answer questions, direct leads to the right place, and even book appointments, so you never miss an opportunity to schedule work. AI can also help you better tackle human resources, which means more efficient labour and more productive employees. Create staff training, manage schedules, automate your payroll, simplify onboarding to help you save time and resources for where you need them most.

From attracting and retaining customers to improving your online profile and boosting your businesses’ efficiency, AI is a tool that can help your commercial cleaning company set yourself apart from your competition.

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