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Feds planning a centralized hub in Surrey

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Government of Canada is planning a new centralized hub in Surrey City Centre, B.C. to provide better services to Canadians. Early consultations have begun with the community and stakeholders. The hub would support numerous benefits, including increased convenience for the public, office space savings and collaboration for public servants.

“This is a great first step to make Surrey Centre an iconic destination for public sector jobs, to advance education, and to create hubs for transit and community spaces. This will help stimulate growth south of the Fraser and make Surrey Centre the centre of one of the largest workforces in Lower Mainland.

As Surrey is one of the fastest-growing municipalities in B.C., its ongoing development is rapidly transforming the city and sparking new economic growth. Surrey City Centre continues to develop with anchor tenants such as Simon Fraser University’s Surrey campus, which has recently expanded to include a federal- and provincial‑funded new Sustainable Energy Engineering building.

The government is committed to working with municipal and provincial partners to keep pace with the growth and ensure that services to Canadians are top of mind with any new office development. A collaborative approach to developing federal, provincial and municipal assets in the region would support the growth and needs of the region by:

  • generating new office and academic spaces at the centre of Surrey;
  • providing employment, education and service opportunities closer to residents’ homes;
  • addressing sustainability goals through green building design, and by providing easy access to transit and reducing commute times.

“The proposed project will fully establish Surrey City Centre as Metro Vancouver’s second downtown. The city centre will be a prime destination for employment, education and services to Metro Vancouver residents. Situated at the geographic midpoint of the Lower Mainland and on a major regional transit hub, the project will support the tremendous growth that is occurring not only in Surrey, but in the region as a whole,” said Mayor of Surrey Doug McCallum.

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