Facility maintenance: there’s an app for that

Make the most of technology to save time and money.
Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Whether you are managing assets or planning your maintenance schedules, technology has emerged to make maintenance managers’ lives easier. As smart buildings become more popular, many managers are using apps to view real-time equipment status, create and track maintenance schedules, receive notifications, and more. These apps can streamline the maintenance management process, allowing managers to find ways to boost efficiency and cut costs.

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Equipment status

Maintenance apps allow you to simply access the data you need from anywhere with a mobile device. Managers can look at equipment status, manage maintenance updates, and take note of any anomalies. This info is real-time, so it means that you can stay on top of all your equipment needs to get ahead of any repairs or replacement and manage your schedules efficiently. Some apps even use QR codes to address issues and categorize information for fast, convenient access. This technology helps predict future issues and avoid unexpected shutdowns or work stoppages from surprise equipment failure.

Working together

One of the benefits of mobile apps is that it allows maintenance teams to collaborate, using the data to best manage their teams and processes. If you use field technicians, this is a great way to stay in communication and on top of any work being done. Also, photo sharing can come in handy when diagnosing or addressing an issue with equipment. Rather than texting or emailing a photo, adding it to the app allows greater access and it serves as a recordkeeper. The same can also be said for project updates and approval requests, with many apps integrating seamlessly with other software to make scheduling meetings simple and convenient.


While cost analysis can be included as part of the data collection, this technology can take it one step further, monitoring parts and the reliability of your equipment so you can plan for upcoming expenses. Many apps also help you stay energy efficient to lower costs over time and connect with the best vendors to keep your budget on track.

Maybe you already have an app or software that you’re using, but if it’s a few years old, you might consider upgrading to one of the newer apps with added features to up your efficiency and streamline your maintenance operations.

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