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Canada is fifth best country for construction workers

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Canada ranks fifth in the world as the best country for construction workers to live and work, according to a study by Work Wear Guru.

The study takes a look at which countries are dominating the construction market and provide the best opportunities for construction workers. The ranking is based on factors like the average salary, cost of living, and safety.

The study notes that Canada is heavily urbanized, with major and medium-sized cities housing 82 per cent of the population. It scores highly in terms of quality of life, education, economic freedom, government transparency, and civil rights on a global scale. Besides that, Canada boasts a highly developed construction industry, employing over 1.4 million people and generating over $141 billion annually to the economy. On top of plentiful job opportunities, construction workers in Canada earn an above-average salary ($55,927).

Here are some key findings:

  • SwitzerlandUKBelgiumUS, and Canada are the top five countries for construction workers.
  • Canada is among the top 10 best countries for construction workers, ranking in 5th place.
  • Canada has the third-highest average salary in construction ($55,927) behind Switzerland and UK.
  • Construction workers in Canada benefit from an affordable cost of living, much more affordable than in Switzerland, Singapore, Denmark, and other countries on the list.
  • The highest average salary for construction workers among all countries worldwide is $79,159 (Switzerland) while the lowest average salary is $875 (Uzbekistan).

The future of the worldwide construction industry appears promising, with forecasts to employ more than 220 million people or 7 per cent of the total global employment.

The primary drivers of this market’s growth are rising home starts and increased infrastructure as a result of increasing urbanization and population expansion.

See the full study here.


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