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Bird Construction makes changes to executive team

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Bird Construction Inc. has announced Ian Boyd will be stepping down as president and CEO effective June 30, 2019. He will assume the role of executive vice president, major projects and provide senior executive leadership of the company’s major projects including securement, staffing, execution and profitability.

Terrance McKibbon, currently chief operating officer of the company, will take over as president and CEO. McKibbon joined Bird Construction in June 2017 as COO, having more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry including serving as CEO of a large publicly traded construction company.

“After leading the company and guiding it through a period of significant transition since 2015, it is time for new leadership to drive the company forward. Teri was an important addition when I recruited him two years ago and he is now ready to take the helm.  I look forward to continuing to support Bird’s diversification strategy in my new role, focusing on what I am most passionate about – major projects,” said Boyd.

McKibbon will provide overall executive leadership of the company’s business, strategic development and profitability including direct responsibility for the company’s district operations and all corporate functions.

Paul Charette, chairman of the board, said, “Bird Construction is fortunate to have two very experienced and capable senior executives, with complementary but different areas of expertise. As we continue along the path of the diversification strategy that we embarked on in 2016 we have determined that a realignment of the responsibilities of these two individuals will better support the continued execution of that strategy.”

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