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Beedie announces corporate rebranding

Friday, October 5, 2018

One of Western Canada’s largest private industrial developers, Beedie has announced a corporate rebranding where all facets of the company will come together under a single name and be known as simply Beedie.

“Bringing our various components under a single name underscores that we all operate on the same core values and principles established by my father,” said company president, Ryan Beedie. “We carry on my father’s legacy of uncompromising quality, dedication to customer service and commitment to communities, and his legacy reminds us of how far we’ve come and where our shared vision will take us in the future.”

Beedie was founded in 1954 by Keith Beedie, who passed away last year at the age of 91. Beedie has built more than 25 million square feet of industrial space, as well as hundreds of single-family homes and higher-density mixed-use projects. Add to that Beedie’s private investment arm and more than 39 million dollars raised for charities, and you get one of the most active and community-aware corporations in British Columbia.

A strong component of the Beedie legacy is in giving back to the communities where Beedie builds. The company’s evolved philosophy, Built for Good, captures the build quality and service reliability that clients and purchasers have come to depend on from Beedie over six decades. It also speaks to the company looking forward to continue creating developments that balance the well-being of people, community and commerce.

“We are known for our uncompromising quality, dedication to customer service and long-standing commitment to communities,” said Beedie. “Our rebranding brings this focus to the forefront.”

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