ATCO to build largest urban solar projects in Calgary

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The ATCO Group has acquired the rights to build two solar installations in Calgary. Once completed, the Barlow and Deerfoot solar projects will be the largest solar installation in a major urban centre in Western Canada, at 27 and 37 megawatts respectively.

The installations will provide clean, renewable energy to Alberta’s power grid and support the transition to lower-carbon energy. ATCO also recently acquired a solar project near Empress in eastern Alberta and completed two solar projects in Canada’s North.

“The acquisition of three major solar projects shows how important we believe it is to provide customers with the opportunity to decarbonize their energy consumption,” said Bob Myles, executive vice president, corporate development, ATCO. “Whether it’s the far North or an urban centre, ATCO is delivering on our strategy to help communities accelerate their transition to clean energy in a safe, affordable and reliable manner. These solar projects are also prime examples of the kinds of opportunities we’ll continue to pursue as we grow our renewables portfolio moving forward.”

The installations’ combined 175,000 bifacial solar panels, covering the equivalent of roughly 170 (Canadian) football fields, will generate enough renewable electricity to power more than 18,000 homes and offset 68,000 tonnes of carbon a year.

Through Canadian Utilities Limited, ATCO acquired the two Calgary solar projects from DP Energy, a privately held energy developer. Electricity from the projects will be sold into the Alberta power market, and ATCO is currently negotiating with potential customers to contract the facilities’ output.

The Deerfoot project, near 114 Avenue and 52 Street SE, is completing the permitting phase. The Barlow project, near Barlow Trail and 114 Avenue SE, has received its major permits and project execution is underway.

Construction for both projects is expected to occur during 2022, with commercial operations targeted for late 2022.



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