ACEC-BC Brian McAskill is set to retire

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Brian McAskill, policy and governance leader, at the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies British Columbia (ACEC-BC) is set to retire at the end of October, 2020.

The ACEC-BC board of directors express their appreciation and gratitude for his tireless service to the association and consulting engineering industry.

McAskill has been a valued member of the ACEC-BC team since January 1997, when he joined the association as communications and policy analyst. He took on the role of policy and governance leader in 2019. He has served with four association CEOs and 24 board chairs. Over the term of his employment with ACEC-BC, he contributed to countless advocacy campaigns, led association communications, provided direct support to the board, managed IT, and supported the association rebranding from CEBC to ACEC-BC.

Over the past year McAskill led member consultation and response to the BC Law Institute’s Builders’ Lien Act consultation and supported member understanding of the new BC Environmental Assessment Office.

Unofficially, he has been the “association archive”. He regularly responds to unusual member queries, can recall discourse leading to decisions of the board or committees, and remembers the issues faced by each of the 24 boards he supported.

“As a long-standing member of the ACEC-BC team, Brian is well known to our members who will undoubtedly miss his kindness, consistency and experience,” says Caroline Andrewes, ACEC-BC president and CEO.

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