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Consumers are still wild about disinfecting wipes

An American Cleaning Institute survey found that the pandemic-heightened demand for wipes is expected to last.
cleaning habits

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Will heightened cleaning habits remain post-COVID-19?

Survey data suggests strengthened cleaning habits will remain front and centre for a large majority of people post-pandemic.
vaccine COVID

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Pushing for the cleaning industry to get priority vaccine access

ISSA and the American Cleaning Institute want to see the cleaning industry high on the COVID-19 vaccine priority list.
low risk waterways ACI

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Polycarboxylate polymers pose low risk to waterways: ACI

Some water-soluble polymers pose a low ecological risk to the United States' waterways, according to new research from ACI.

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ACI expands communications, advocacy and science teams

The American Cleaning Institute (ACI), the trade association for the cleaning product supply chain, welcomes three new employees.