Energy efficiency standards generate debate

Green building sector defends energy efficiency standards after Fraser Institute calls them cost inefficient and promotes direct emission caps at GHG source

Profits offered for curbing electricity demand

Ontario's Industrial Conservation Initiative relegates a larger majority of mostly commercial customers to carry a disproportionate share of the so-called Global Adjustment, which now accounts for about 60 per cent of the commodity cost of electricity.
cap-and-trade costs

Utilities flagged for cap-and-trade costs

Ontario's greater reliance on natural gas heating will likely make cap-and-trade charges more noticeable than they have been thus far in Quebec.

Safety code tweaks allowable radiation levels

Health Canada adjusts some of its recommended thresholds for exposure to electromagnetic energy emitted from wireless communications

Ontario contemplates carbon pricing

Carbon pricing schemes could have varying impact on real estate depending on the measure chosen.

WTO pushes open trade in environmental goods

Canada is among the nations currently negotiating a trade agreement for environmental goods

Mandatory energy audit for large U.K. firms

Large U.K. companies must comply with energy benchmarking and audit requirements by early December.

SaskPower inspires recall of smart meters

SaskPower's experience sparks recall of smart meters in Ontario.

GTA site showcases stormwater management

About fifteen years ago, Jim Ecclestone found an old, 2000-gallon stainless steel water tank lying in a farmer’s field. The president and chief executive officer

Thompson Rivers University building gets boost

In its original concrete construction, completed in 1970, Thompson Rivers University’s Old Main Building reflected the design philosophy of its era. As Michael Leckman, a

Red tape stifles Quebec’s green roofs

In Montreal, Saint-Laurent borough Mayor Alan DeSousa has a seemingly straightforward goal: to promote green roofs on private sector developments. DeSousa, who received the 2014
Businessman in wheelchair

Compliance with AODA lessens liability risk

Many of Ontario’s building owners and managers are now struggling to decipher requirements for barrier-free access in the Ontario Building Code (OBC), under the Accessibility
A swarm of mosquitos - grab the bug spray! 3D render.

West Nile virus season still bites across Canada

Recent findings of infected mosquitos should remind property owners to implement protective measures against the spread of West Nile virus. Even as summer ends and
Empty concrete interior background with wooden floor

Competing construction products spur conflict

Wood and cement industries divided over proposed changes to the national and Ontario building codes.
Internet espionage

Cyber spies halt online access to national codes

Online access to Canada's national building and fire codes is suspended following discovery of a cyber intrusion of the National Research Council's IT network,

Workplaces may face radon testing requirements

A proposed bill would require owners of enclosed workplaces in Ontario to conduct radon testing and mitigate unsafe levels of the naturally occurring gas.
land transfer tax

Paybacks reflect carbon tax and offset costs

Carbon tax and offset requirements have begun to filter through to paybacks on energy saving measures in British Columbia and Quebec.