Asbestos surveys widely mandated in Quebec

Quebec is one of the last Canadian jurisdictions to specifically mandate asbestos monitoring and ...

Lighting efficiency on the agenda for 2014

A previously postponed phase-out of incandescent light bulbs is set to go in most Canadian provinces in 2014.

Taking wood frame construction to new heights

BILD has renewed its call on the Ontario government to raise the height limit of wood frame structures ...

Energy efficiency targets adjusted upward

Ontario's new building code continues an incremental adoption of heightened energy efficiency standards.

Pay when paid

Although there has been no contractual or statutory recognition of the inequity of "pay when paid" clauses up to this point of time, change is on the horizon.

Street light conversion projects underway

Shrinking payback periods for LED streetlights are helping to make the business case for large-scale conversions in many Canadian municipalities.

Barriers abound in existing built environment

Voluntary action will continue to be the predominant dismantler of barriers in Ontario’s built environment and landscapes ...

Ontario’s proposed industrial electricity incentive

Industrial electricity incentive program applicants may be eligible for a 70 per cent discount on electricity costs in return for creating one new ...

Legislation gets to the heart of health and safety

Manitoba is the first Canadian province to mandate automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in specific facilities.

Employers enlisted to prompt workers’ savings

Quebec’s voluntary retirement savings plans (VRSPs) to capture workers not formally enrolled in company pension or group retirement savings plans.

Brownfields attracting varied land uses

Brownfield sites have risen and fallen out of favour with the economic tides. Today, brownfield development is more consistent due, in part, to the demand in residential and commercial developments.